Hoth Design.

Below you will see some of our current creations and inventory straight out of our Hoth store.
Please keep in mind we create custom, handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces for the homes, office, man-cave, or kitchen.
Each item is cut and produced in our shop right from lumber we purchase from local lumberyards.
If you would like to discuss a custom project with us, please click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What drives you?

"My faith, my family, my house on the hill,  and my love for all things America,  are all reflected in my work.  I enjoy having my son Mason in the shop with me, and I really love presenting my finished products to my clients.  It is just a really good feeling to be proud of my work, and design functional pieces that last a long time."

What is the  biggest challenge you face in wood working?

"To be honest, I am probably too hard on myself. I really think hard about the design, and I will only put out a product if it is perfect.  I am a perfectionist, maybe to a fault, but I also stand behind the quality of my work, and my clients know that."

What else is under construction in the shop?

"I am getting ready to release a really cool line of patriotic products, man cave creations, and some really neat CNC items. I think my friends and fans will love to see what I have under construction."